How do I enroll on a course/workshop withSTUDIO ATTITUDE?

Courses & workshops have differentenrollment procedures and you should initially review the details specific tothat course or workshop. If you still require more information please do nothesitate to contact us.  


Are there any specific requirements whenenrolling on a course or workshop? 
This is dependent on the course or workshopand you should initially review the details specific to that course orworkshop. If you still require more information please do not hesitate tocontact us.  


Will I be given a certificate at end of thecourse?

Yes. Some courses/workshops may haveassignments or final projects to be completed in order to be awarded acertificate.All applicable course fees must be paid in full to secure a place and admissionon the course.  



Whatare the payment methods?

Coursefees can be paid by cash, bank deposited or by cheque. We are working on makingarrangements for payment by credit/debit card at STUDIOATTITUDE for yourconvenience.


CanI cancel my enrollment and when?
Yes.Cancellation must be made at least 2 working days prior to the start of thecourse date to get a 75% refund or you forfeit the full amount of thecourse/workshop fee.



Howcan I notify STUDIO ATTITUDE of a cancellation of any other matter?

Youcan visit, call or email us. See our Contact Us page for details.   



Whatare your refund policies?
25%of the course fee will be deducted on cancellation of all training courses/workshopsif made 2 working days prior to the commencement of that course/workshop. Refundswill only be made to the person or organization that made the original payment.


Who We Are

STUDIO ATTITUDE is a customer focused and quality conscious advertising services agency and photography studio with large in-house equipped studio, digital printing solutions, fabricationof signage and acrylic solutions for all kind of events and exhib

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