Portrait Studio Lighting Workshop
02nd May

by Adel Elmasry

Want to start experimenting with studio lighting techniques by learning the art & science of doing it right, from our 15 years experienced tutor?

This workshop is for you!

This workshop will serve as an introduction to Portraits StudioLighting your portrait studio, and is aimed at people with an interest inportrait photography/studio lighting who wish to take a step forward and learn more. It will not cover historical material, but instead jump straight into the subject.

Most of the workshop will demonstrate the use of a single light to demonstrate the concepts involved. Towards the end, a more complex setup will demonstrate the use ofmultiple light sources.

To fully benefit from this course, you should have a familiarity with the concepts of ISO, shutter speed and F-stops, and an understanding how they work together toproduce the correct exposure. In terms of gear, all you will require is a DSLR with a charged battery, a lens with a focal length of 70 or above, and a memorycard.

Instructor: Adel Abdelrahman, with more than 15 years of experience in photography, lighting and portraits.

A course outline follows:

Introductionto light parameters
- Quantity
- Quality
- Color
- Direction

Introductionto different light modifiers
- Umbrellas
- Soft boxes

Introductionto the basic portraits lighting patterns
- Split
- Rembrandt
- Loop
- Butterfly

Gear talk
- Quick chat about cameras lenses good for portraits and triggers

Practice with the help of two models

Workshop Details
Dates:To be announced
Time:from 10:00 AM PM to 05:00 PMincluding one hour break
Duration:6 hours
Workshop fee:AED 500/-

2 Days Hands on Fashion Photography Workshop


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